We drive the digital and cognitive transformation of our clients, providing innovative and customized solutions that take technology to new heights.


We make life easier with technology.


Help our clients transform digitally and cognitively.


By 2030, we will be a multinational with revenue of USD 40 million and an EBITDA of more than 25%.


We strive for excellence and aim to obtain more certifications as we continue to grow.

In our journey, we have reached












We are convinced that teamwork can enhance skills. These are some of our partners.

Information security management system

Softgic is aware of the importance of protecting, demonstrating confidentiality, maintaining integrity, and guaranteeing the availability of information assets related to the development of its work, its clients, and suppliers, undertakes to: 

  • Identify, comply with, and document the necessary requirements for correct implementation of the information security management system.
  • Protect information against potential unauthorized access.
  • Provide employees with training and information that allow them to carry out their work under safe conditions.
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to the processing of information.
  • Promote continuous improvement of the information security management system.
  • Guarantee the timely management of incidents related to information security.
  • Protect information assets from potential malicious attacks.
  • Sensitize and train the interested parties involved in the information security management system.
  • Strive for improvements in the information security management system.

Quality management System

At Softgic, we focus on providing digital and cognitive transformation for our clients. Quality is an essential factor to us, and the following principles are a key part of our policy: 

  • Deliver quality products and services.
  • Achieve the satisfaction of our internal and external clients.
  • Encourage our team on the importance of training to grow professionally and personally through development plans.
  • Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Promote continuous improvement in the quality management system.
  • Guarantee the development and execution of products and/or services that meet client needs.
  • Optimize the company's processes by adapting them to changes quickly.
  • Develop general and/or specific skills in employees.
  • Achieve continuous improvements in the quality management system.