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We hire the best
remote professionals
in technology.

We have the best talent from Latin America and the Caribbean specialized in technology and Growth Marketing to work with our clients in the US. Our bilingual team works on tasks remotely from anywhere in the world, based on their skills and the needs of our Client.

Remote work
with flexible hours.

We focus on companies from different industries that need
technology talent and Growth Marketing (Hyper growth) with a wide range of technology skills. That means the work you do will be based on what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about. If you are very talented and passionate in any tech, we look for a company that needs your knowledge and we begin to match with this company. We look for the dream job; from your home for a company in the US receiving your payment in dollars.

Working online

with Softgic also gives you the benefit of being able to work from home, have flexible hours, and advance your career as you gain experience in international companies.
  • Flexible hours (you can work part time or full time)

  • Remote work.

  • Payment in USD (every two weeks)

Advance your
international career.

Our clients in the US are in several industries, from technology, healthcare, transportation and logistics, BPO and digital marketing companies to consulting firms and startups. You will get a great international work experience, cultural exchange and strengthening and development of your hard and soft skills.

Secure payment

Many remote workers know the stress of having to chase down a Client to get paid for their services. We pay you directly every 2 weeks, so we will never put your work at risk. 
For us, the most important thing is you and that is why we want our remote workers to feel good about the work they do, the people who they interact with and that they continue to develop professionally and personally.

Work from wherever
you want

Remote work offers a very decisive freedom. Do not think about commuting, stress to get to work, transportation costs and work in closed offices. Working online, for those who are mentally prepared and have a disciplined work ethic, gives them the freedom to work from wherever they want; from home, while traveling or on a beach in the Dominican Republic. Working with Softgic clients also includes flexible hours, so you can work part-time or full-time.

Be part of Softgic

We are interested in people who are honest, responsible and think outside the box.
Have knowledge and programming skills (Frontend, BackEnd, Mobile, Web, RPA, Data).
Have knowledge of Web Design or Digital Marketing.
Are interested in working online for US companies.
Are highly fluent in English.
Have a quality Wi-Fi connection.
Have at least 20 hours per week of availability.